Who is the Smart Agri-Food Supercluster?

SASC is a pan Canadian supercluster that will dramatically improve competitiveness, productivity, market value and the environmental performance of Canada’s agricultural systems. It will accomplish this by creating shared value partnerships that identify opportunities for strategic investments which can be scaled for meaningful impacts. SASC investments will unlock potential across the full value chain from field to fork. SASC’s four innovation areas, which already has over 100 members, are the engine upon which this innovation will grow.

The Smart Agri-Food Supercluster (SASC) is built on a system based scalable model and coordinates Canada’s innovation strengths through anchor projects and collaborative initiatives that will establish the “roads and bridges” for enabling and accelerating the commercialization and translation of Smart Agri-Food technology and science.

Smart agri-food tools and practices provide the platform to minimize the cost of operations, improve yields and production and improve environmental impacts. Canada is a world leader in production systems for crops and livestock and for value-added agri-food products. However, its’ agri-food value chain is fragmented, with few links across agricultural sectors. The SASC partners bridge all aspects of the agri-food value chain and includes organizations that are not traditionally engaged in agri-food, such as digital connectivity and telecommunications companies.

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Smart AgriFood Supercluster taps into 135-million acre innovation ecosystem

SASC's ecosystem stretches across Canada, composed of farms and ranches, large and small, complemented by farms and facilities operated by research organizations and post-secondary institutions.

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